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Dvd and blu ray labels covers and disk menus

VHS video to digital transfer covers

Many customers want to be able to give a copy of their family’s archives away to another family member or they just want it to look the best it possibly can. For this purpose I offer the service of creating a bespoke Cover. To create the cover, I carefully go through your archive selecting 14 of the best stills for the front / back / spine.

I have a lot of experience in successfully choosing these stills. I will pick a good selection of facial close-ups and family groups with a good cross section of older and younger family members across the whole length of the archive. Each still is cropped and photoshopped to get the best possible look for the framed image. As I use top quality Amaray clear DVD cases that can hold up to 6 discs, you won’t need that many covers. A 6 DVD case can hold 18 hours of video. So even a large archive might only need one cover or two at the most.

The cover service will finish off the professional look of your archive and will cost £30 for the master copy and £5.00 for a duplicate copy.

Camcorder to digital conversion disk printing

The latest area of my archiving service to be upgraded is that of labelling Discs. All CDs, DVDs and Blu-Rays are Verbatim DataLifePlus Thermal Printable. These are the best you can get and you cannot buy them in the shops.

I use a Rimage Everest Encore Dye Sublimation (Thermal) disc printer. This is the type of printer used by the music and software industry to make discs look as good as possible. Thermal printing gives a perfect colour image which will never fade or run. It is scratch proof and it will make your archives look as good in the hand as it will on screen.

Each label will be made with your chosen title and two or three images from the footage on that disc. Usually a good facial close up of your child or maybe a family group or possibly a parent or grandparent from the videos. I take a lot of care to make these images not only the best, flattering shots but relevant too. Presentation is key to me particularly if you are thinking of giving your archive as a gift to someone close.

Video to DVD conversion disc menus

When you put the finished DVD into your DVD player or computer you will see a main musical menu title screen. On this screen you will be able to see your chosen main title, the disc number, if there are more than one disc in your archive and the film playing in a window. Just click play and the whole DVD will start from the beginning.

Chapter points are at 15 minute intervals for the Bronze service and at key scene / tape changes for the Silver or Gold Service.

This is a typical DVD menu. It’ll also have a nice piece of classical / themed music playing whilst you are on this screen.