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Transfer slides to digital


The Super Coolscan 9000ED is an absolute marvel, giving unparalleled dust and scratch removal. It would be rare to find any slide archive that doesn’t need cleaning. However standard cleaning has always run the risk of making things worse and affecting the final image, plus good cleaning is expensive. The Digital ICE Professional system will take away any worries about making things worse as the slide is never touched. I also save printed photographs and regularly get suitcases and boxes full of old albums that need saving but are too much of a pain to do well within the family. Everything is done by hand and with care. So whatever you have I can get it sorted for you.


Hi Chris, Received the drive and the films back this morning. Had a quick scan of the files. Look fantastic, quality is superb and much of the footage is unseen as the stock was in such a bad state that it was un-viewable on my projector. Not just memories but a snapshot of the sixties. Great! Many thanks. Will recommend. Regards, Graeme H.

Slide transfer - formats accepted

Formats accepted

  • 35mm mounted slides (normal 35mm slides)
  • 35mm unmounted film strips
  • APS Cartridges 15, 24, 36 images
  • APS Strip Film
  • Any Size Medium Format mounted slides
  • Any Size Medium Format (inc 120 / 220)
  • Unmounted film strips 120 / 220 at 6 x 4.5, 6 x 6, 6 x 7, 6 x 8, 6 x 9
  • Glass Plate Photographs Small & Large
  • Printed Photographs - Any and all of the above can be accepted in positive or negative format
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Slide to digital transfer - how to order

How to order

The simplest way to get things moving is to either give me a call or drop me an email. We can go through what you have in your archive and what you are trying to achieve. Call: 01793 495733 (office) or 07940 810733 (mobile) email: - for further details check the Contact page.

To be able to give you an accurate quote I will need to know how many reels / feet of film you have. Check out the “Formats Accepted and Reel Sizes” tab for further information on this.

You are more than welcome to bring your archive here and we can go through it in person. Just get in touch and we can work out an appointment that will suit you. If you wish to use the postal service then I recommend using Royal Mail Recorded or Special Delivery.

Address: Save Those Memories, 3 Lovell Close, Swindon, Wiltshire, SN3 5BT

Please include in your package a covering letter with: Your return and contact details including a phone number and an email address. The format you want the films saved as - SD DVD / HD Blu-Ray Disc and/or Computer files (PC or MAC) at HD, 2K or 4K. If you want discs produced your chosen title for the menus and labels. This should include, if known, a family name and an era. e.g. “The Smith Family - 16mm Cinefilm - 1950s”.

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Slide samples

Example One

The Nikon Super Coolscan 9000ED is still the only machine in the world developed with Digital ICE Professional for Kodakchrome. Launched in 2004 nothing has ever surpassed what Digital ICE Professional can do. Take a look at the two images to the left. The samples here are just a very small section of a larger slide, each head shot comprises what is in reality just a centimeter in size.

The untouched image (Left) is shot without Digital ICE and you can see the infection of dirt spreading out across the image like a spider’s web. Then I clicked on the Digital ICE Professional button and the same slide shows up looking perfect with the image on the right. Look at the forehead, no trace of dirt or damage. This is all done digitally, without physical cleaning which can damage the slide. At the highest settings of 16x fine scan with Digital ICE Professional the image will look perfectly clean and those years of storage, dirt and damage will just disappear.

Slide samples

Example Two

Similarly, with these two shots, a small head shot is only a tiny part of the overall image, the untouched slide is very dirty with big blocks of dirt on the neck. After turning on Digital ICE Professional all of the dirt has disappeared. For both pictures above, look at the moles / blemishes on the neck and cheek, they both remain whilst all the damage around them is removed. No cleaning, no damage just time.

What this means is that however well or badly your archives have been stored my system and the time and care I invest in your images will get the absolute best out of them. If you have your images back as computer files Digital ICE Professional can save hours and hours of work in photoshop trying to clean the images up. You can now print and email images with only minor cropping or resizing so the image suits your needs.

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Slide transfer - Slide Tips

Slide Tips

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Slide transfer - pricing

Pricing - Normal and Best Quality

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Slide transfer - outputs

Archive return

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Slide Transfer - Nikon Super Coolscan

Equipment used - Nikon Super Coolscan

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Slide transfer - digital ice

Digital Ice

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