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Workflow, stability and sound

It’s no good having a Ferrari if you don’t know how to drive it and so it is with the “Scanbox 4K” the best small format scanner in the UK today. The Scanbox 4K is the big brother to my old machine the “Memory HD” (2009 to 2020) it uses the latest version of “Kolibri” which is the capture and control software I have been using since 2009.

I do all of the important hard work before I capture so much as a frame of your film. I have full control over all of the elements that go to create an image.

I can control the simple elements of exposure time, brightness, contrast, shadows & highlights. I also have full control over the way the colours of your film look. With both RGB and HSL control I can change the hue, saturation and luminescence, the black and white gain, Red gain, Green / Red gain, Green / Blue gain and Blue gain. I can control the individual colours of the light bath that creates the image. This means I have Red light, Green light and Blue light sliders. Finally I have what all good modern film editors need a perfect white balance.

With all of these parameters at my disposal I use them to get the very best image that your film will allow and I do all of this BEFORE I capture a frame. I do this for each and every scene of your archive. Because of the way I work, programming everything in, it means you get a pretty much perfect edit of your films. I don’t program in all of the blank bits, the black bits or the leaders so they don’t appear in your final film.

Take a quick look at the video to the left for an in depth description of how this process gets the very best from your film.

Scanbox 4K Wetgate

The new Scanbox 4K is a significant improvement over the old “Memory HD”. The obvious thing is the ability to create true and full 2k and 4k images…. but also…..

Half the battle in creating the perfect image is getting a stable image. The film is flying past the capture lens at 25 frames per second and this involves a lot of movement. Even more movement if the film isn’t perfectly flat with perfectly placed and spaced sprocket holes. Cinefilm rarely has that perfection so somehow the film image and the capture lens have to be in perfect synchronization.

The new Scanbox 4K has Laser sprocket registration specifically designed for each different film format. So that I know at any point that the film image will be as rock-solid as it ever could be. Any variation is calculated so however “off” the physical film is the digital image will be absolutely stable. This allows precise positioning of the image. Laser detection can handle any type of film with up to 5% shrinkage.

Focus is always perfect as the system also uses laser focus, with a series of increasing or decreasing numbers showing the exact point that focus is perfect.

So between image composition, workflow, stability and focus the Scanbox 4K has everything needed to give the best possible results from your cine film.

Save those memories scanbox 4k

If your film has a soundtrack I can capture this sound at the same time as your images so that they are always perfectly synchronized. This can be a magnetic stripe on Standard 8mm, Super 8mm or 16mm film or an optical stripe on 16mm film. I have also invested in getting the Super 8mm double audio head for those extrememly rare S8 films that have sound recorded on both magnetic stripes (main and balance).

Some companies will tell you that sound cannot be captured or they might charge you a 50% surcharge because they cannot capture the image and the sound at the same time and they have to try and get them sychronized in editing software. If you have sound involving talking to camera then this is a hopeless method of progressing, the sound must be captured at the same time as the image.

If your film is silent and you want a disc based service such as DVD or Blu-ray I will add a gentle classical soundtrack. I have carefully chosen the tracks I use so that they are not intrusive. If you want to have silence you can either instruct me not to use any soundtrack or you can have the soundtrack and reduce the volume of the TV to zero or use the mute button.