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Colour correction and editing

Cine film colour correction

The majority of the work I perform on your archive will be done before I capture so much as a single frame. The Scanbox 4K knows exactly what frame is in front of the camera at any given point in time. So, I can tell the Scanbox 4K how that frame should look.

Work carried out before capture is as follows…..

  • Set film format - N8, S8, 9.5mm or 16mm (check sound heads if sound film)
  • Initial laser corrected focus - to make sure the film is in best possible focus at all times.
  • Warp and shrink settings to the 0.05mm - to correct for any shrinkage over the years of storage.
  • Stabilisation of film depending on Y axis sprocket stability N8, S8 and 16mm.
  • Stabilisation of film depending on XY axis sprocket stability 9.5mm film.
  • Getting best possible capture screen position depending on messy / dirty edges of film.
  • Setting capture size HD, 2K or 4K and codec to be used.
  • Work carried out before capture for each scene
  • Set White balance.
  • Set Temperature at exposure.
  • Set analogue gain.
  • Set gain for Red, Red/Green, Green/Blue and Blue.
  • Set Gamma (shadows and highlights).
  • Set Brightness (different to exposure), Contrast, White gain, Black Gain, White clip and Black clip.
  • Check waveform for Green light, Red light and Blue light and correct as necessary.
  • Check RGB processing for Red, Green, Blue and Master.
  • Check HSL processing for Blacks, Gammas, Whites and Master. (Hue, Saturation and Luminescence).

All of these settings for every single scene mean I will get the film to look as good as it possibly can. I cannot, no-one can, turn a sow’s ear into a silk purse but your film will look its absolute best.

After all of the above programming is done, I then capture your film making sure the position of the fast-moving film is optimal at all times. If there is a bad splice that shifts the film up or down, I stop the capture and reset to the new position, rewind and start from the point the position of the film shifted up or down. All of the above applied diligently to every scene means your film will look as good as it can from start to finish.

One of the reasons I have stayed with Debrie Technologyas a company and upgraded to the Scanbox 4K telecine capture machine is the ability their machinery has to pre-program in all of the edit points. This means that if there are any un-exposed and blank pieces within your film they will be edited out during this process. You will not have to sit through so much as even 1 second of “blank” waiting for your films to restart.

On your instruction I can also pare down overlong scenes. So, if you know you have long scenes of flower beds or forests, I will cut these down. For example, you might have many 60 second shots of various harbours that you want reduced to 15 seconds or so. It will make the film flow and you will still know that you were there but it can make a film more watchable, Because I keep the digital films in an editable version for a long period of time, I can edit specific pieces of film out at a later date if you want. You might want specific scenes or people cut out. All you have to do is give me a disc / film number, chapter number, in and out points and a brief description of the scene and your unwanted scene will be gone.