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Cine film formats and reel sizes

Cine film transfer formats accepted

I can accept Cinefilm in just about any format you might have. It might be silent it might have sound, the “Scanbox 4K” can cope with everything.

  • Standard 8mm & Super 8mm*
  • 8mm Polavision Cassettes
  • 9.5mm
  • 16mm & Super 16mm (single or double sprockets)
  • Sound can be as an optical strip (COMOPT) or as a magnetic strip (COMMAG)
  • Super8mm sound can be magnetic single or double track as I have the rare double track audio head on my new machinery.

The “Scanbox 4K” has no gate, three separate motors, is capstan driven, laser stability with no pins and has two tension arms so that it can cope with cinefilm in just about any state of disrepair. If parts of your cinefilm archive are shrunken or warped or has damaged sprockets I can still get the absolute best from it. See “Cleaning & Repair” for further details

The total cost of digitising your cinefilm archive will depend on how many feet of film that you have. To work that out it is easier if you know how many reels you have, what diameter they are and therefore roughly how many feet there are on each reel.
There are many different reel sizes, most of the more popular ones are listed below.

Reel Size 8mm 16mm
3 inch reel - 50ft 4mins 2mins
4 inch reel - 100ft 8mins 4mins
5 inch reel - 200ft 16mins 9mins
7 inch reel - 400ft 32mins 16mins
9 inch reel - 800ft 64mins 32mins
12 inch reel - 1,200ft 96mins 48mins
13.5 inch reel - 1,600ft 128mins 64mins

The larger reels might have graduated marks along the spine of the reel to show how much film you have on that reel.