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Digital ice

Slide transfer - digital ice

Research has shown that Digital ICE Professional is the best ICE system currently available, nothing has ever surpassed it, particularly if you have Kodakchrome slides in your collection.

If a Kodachrome slide is scanned as a normal positive, the image has a bluish cast that can look awful. While the colour of the sky and the water can be 75% corrected with Photoshop, it can be impossible to provide a natural green to the landscape. Kodachrome films are noted for their sharpness and brilliant colours and the abundance of colour shades. It is a shame to lose all of that advantage by using anything other than the Coolscan 9000ED.

An Overview DIGITAL ICE4 Professional Technology The newest, most complete package of automatic image correction technologies available in any film scanner. The award winning DIGITAL ICE4 Technology incorporates the following unique components:

DIGITAL ICE Technology - Removes Surface Defects (dust and scratches) DIGITAL ROC Technology - Restores and Corrects Color DIGITAL GEM Technology - Reduces Film Grain Noise DIGITAL SHO Technology - Optimizes Contrast and Exposure

The difference between having Digital ICE on or off is astounding it more than trebles the time taken to produce an image but the results are really worth it. Check out the samples page to see Digital Ice Advanced in action.