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New office for the new 4K scanner.

by Chris Squires

My lovely new cine film scanner is now here, delivered safely from Debrie Technologies of Paris. However….. having gone for the best new 4K scanner available it is too big and too heavy for my current office so Anglian are building me a new office which will be ready for the first week in October. Ironically I will be going back to the office space where it all started in 2002, before having my current attic office built in 2008. So full circle. The kids have grown up, been through University, making their way and I can re-claim my old space. I will continue working on HD cine film and video in the attic until everything is finished and ready in the new space. So please do get in touch, plenty of time before the move to get your camcorder tapes (hi8, miniDV, DV, video 8, VHS VHS-c etc.) and cine film saved to disc or computer file. Give me a call on 01793 495733 to discuss what you want.

New office for the new 4K scanner.
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