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4K Memory Scanbox - Cine Film transfer perfection

by Chris Squires

I will be taking delivery of my brand new telecine scanner - the 4K Memory Scanbox from Debrie Technology, Paris, in the next couple of weeks. I started inquiries for a new 4K machine with various companies in May 2019 and was initially hoping to get a new 4K machine installed by the end of 2019. However lead times on this type of machinery can be quite long and after many questions, trials and deliberations I delayed my decision to make sure I was getting the right machine. So with the Christmas 2019 shutdowns and then the February Covid-19 pandemic all having an effect, manufacture, testing and delivery has been delayed somewhat. I will be taking a couple of weeks to get to know my new machinery, finding out exactly what it can do and how far I can push it. Then I will start running new cine films that specifically need to be 4K towards the middle of September. I will still be running the brilliant Memory HD in the meantime as I will have both machines up and running in tandem for a few weeks. 4k - up to 4,096 x 3,000 and 2k - up to 2,048 x 1,536. Plus of course HD - 1,920 x 1,080 and SD - 720 x 576. Should be fun!

4K Memory Scanbox - Cine Film transfer perfection
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