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  • Disc Printer upgrade for tape to DVD and film to Blu-ray

    Disc printer upgraded to Rimage Everest Encore, the class leading thermal photographic disc printer.

    Disc Printer upgrade for tape to DVD and film to Blu-ray
  • upgrades upgrades upgrades

    Going 4k with my Memory Cine Film Scanner has led to a chain of events where every change leads to another change.

  • New 4k cine film scanner coming in September

    The brand spanking new Memory 4k Scanbox by Debrie Technologies will be arriving in September for cine film archiving.

  • Permanent price drop

    Permanent Price drop for all video to files self edit service.

  • Now insured by NFU

    Change of Insurer at

  • 20% off all computer self edit video tape files

    For all Video tape to self edit file archives arriving here before January 31st.

  • New Website upgrade

    You might not have noticed but a lot of websites are now changing from http:// to https:/ This means the website is secure

  • Web Site Security

    I am pleased to announce that by the end of the first week of October 2018 I will have changed my web server for Save Those Memories.

  • FilmGuard

    Just got a nasty shock to find that the superb cine film cleaning solution FilmGuard has gone up from £38 a bottle to £71 a bottle.

  • If it ain't broke.....

    I am sure many of you can relate to this….. You turn your PC system off at night and all is well. You wake up, switch everything back on and you get the feeling that something has changed and not for the better.

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